Friday, May 4, 2012

A Few Random Things


I love this!   Repinned this from my daughter Sara's Pinterest Board; thought I'd start this day off with a smile for all you knitters.

When Pam Allen first launched Quince and Company I signed up for their email list and looked forward to seeing their designs and trying out the yarn that went with them.  From what I have seen, the yarn looks great, the colors are lovely but I haven't seen a pattern that really made me want to jump in and try it for myself until I saw this cute sweater:


  It's called Sibella  by Carrie Bostick Hoge and the yarn is a sport weight called Chickadee.   I think it would be a nice project for the summer.



Here's my progress on the two projects I have been working on.  This is my Cabled Capelet and I'm ready to pick up stitches around the top and do the ribbed neck:


  Finishing up my Montana cardigan:


Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


  1. I love that sweater pattern, it is so beautiful. What did we do before tweed yarns? I love the cables on that caplet, you are so close to being finished with both projects.

  2. Hi Carol - That sweater really is pretty. I might have to go find it for myself.

    I'm not sure where your comment went... I have it in my email, but it's not on the blog... :-/ So to answer your questions... I generally do not open our farm on shearing day, but a lot of other farms do. For me it's just a little too much to be the shearer and the host at the same time. We do offer farm tours by appointment.

    I would recommend contacting the local alpaca breeders organization and then seeing which farms are close to you. Then just call them up and see if they need any help or will welcome visitors.

    There is a National Open Farm Weekend in September where alpaca farms across the US have open houses. Check out the AOBA ( website for details.

  3. The sweater is very pretty, and looks like the designer has other cute patterns too. Hope to see you in couple of weeks!

  4. Haha! I saw that on Pinterest too. Love the purple in your capelet, and what an awesome cardigan. Beautiful!

  5. That Sibella is GORGEOUS! I wish I had a better body so I could knit it and do it justice. I love how your cable caplet is coming along. It's going to be beautiful when finished. Your cardi is sassy! You have been one productive fiber gal!

  6. Whoa, that cable and bobble piece is amazing! In my opinion you can never go wrong with an orange-ish sweater...or anything else. Orange is definitely a favorite for me. Thank you for sharing your projects.

  7. Beautiful caplet... and yes, the pattern looks like a lovely project. Good luck! BTW, the cat picture is one of my all time favorites. I swear my cat thinks this when I scold her. Too funny!