Monday, May 28, 2012

Karen Clements and her Chunky Knits

It's Memorial Day weekend and we are all supposed to be enjoying warm weather and thinking ahead to summer; probably not the time to be blogging about big, wooly warm sweaters.  Except it is pretty cool here in Northern California and it has been snowing off and on through part of the weekend at our home near Lake Tahoe:


Notice the snow shovel; we don't put that away until the middle of June.

As I've said before on this blog, I'm not much of a lace knitter and I'm not into knitting projects that call for  smaller needle sizes.  With the exception of socks, patterns that call for size 1 - 6  needles are not my kind of thing, although I am in awe of the incredible work that has been done by many on these finer size needles.  I seem to gravitate towards those patterns that call for size 8 - 11 needles where the pattern works up quickly and there is the hope that this sweater might actually get done before I run out of enthusiasm and it ends up in my WIP pile.  If the needles called for are size 13 or more, even better!

I've been browsing through Pinterest admiring the photos and clever and interesting work done by fiber and  craft artists when I came across Karen Clements and her amazing chunky/bulky  knit designs.   I wanted to knit just about all of them and, on size 17 and 19 needles, by golly, I could probably do it!  Not only are these projects a quick knit, but they are very stylish;  here are a few examples:


This is the Lakeside Cotton Vest made with Trendsetter cotton yarn in size 17 and 19 needles.

This is the LA Magnum Reversible Vest  knit in Cascade's  Magnum with size 19 needles:


Here's a Capelet made in Magnum with size 19 needles:

Here's a Magnum capelet done in crochet:


    There's lots more to see on her web site   So where does this designer live who turns out these chunky warm styles? Karen is based in the LA area  - go figure!  Hey, even So. Cal can get damp and chilly in the winter.  Personally, I'm not sure I would want to work with Cascade's Magnum, as it can be scratchy,  but Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca would be a nice choice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend with some time for knitting and relaxing!



  1. Ok, snow? Yikes! I like cool weather, but that's a little ridiculous. :)

    Love the vest and the cowls - very chunky lovely!

  2. Chunky knits are one of my personal favorite types of projects! You have certainly reminded me to try and knit more of them. I cannot believe that it is snowing over there! Good thing you have your newly finished capelet!

  3. Thank you for your lovely post Carol! That's amazing to see snow this time of year, I need to pack up these chunky knits and head your way!