Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Knitting

Not much knitting going on around here in the last month, and I have been looking for some inspiration to get excited about knitting again.  My cousin Kathy just underwent major surgery and that was reason enough to get off my duff and start knitting a pair of comfy socks for her.   This pattern is called Lace-Rib Pattern Socks by Karen Kahane and I've got the first one finished:


The yarn is Pediwick by Knit One crochet too and is 66% bamboo and 34% nylon:


I'm sure there is a lot of great summer knitting going on with the Ravellenics during the Summer Olympics and here are a few lovely projects that caught my eye as I browsed through Ravelry.

This is Summer Flies by Donna Griffin:


Here's a version done by  Marni from Alano Yarnies:




Just saw this cute shawl on Ravelry.  It's called Summer Blooms by Amanda Leggat:

Am I the only one not knitting the Color Affection shawl?  Last I looked there were over 17,000 people knitting this on Ravelry.

It's getting great reviews from easy to knit garter stitch pattern to a shape that drapes beautifully around the neck and stays in place.   I got to make one.   I think this is the inspiration I've been looking for!