Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buried Treasure

Sorting through my yarn and deciding on what needs to go is tough going. For the most part, I really like most of my yarn choices, even the ones that are looking a little dated, and I have a feeling most knitters feel the same. Along the way,  I've found a few gems that I had completely forgotten about. This Alice Starmore Aran and Shetland wool is some of what I came across: 11 skeins of Bainin in Burnt Umber and 12 skeins of Bainin in Clover that I had planned to use for Starmore's Grapevine and has been languishing in my queue for some time. The Scottish Heather in Anthrocite was bought for some small project, judging from the
three skeins I have, but I can't remember the project - thanks to Ravelry and my queue I am getting much more organized about these things.

What was I thinking when I bought all that mohair? Did I really think I would find time to knit all these socks? And yet, I love most of my sock yarn and there is the thought that with such
quick projects, I may actually work my way through most of it.
I've pulled out two handpainted hanks that I would like to start on right now: the Briar Rose sock yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck last Fall for a project for my husband and Pigeonroof Studios merino/cashmere/nylon blend in Forest that I got at Simply Socks  for myself.

So much yarn and never enough time, but what a pleasant dilemma!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome to And All That Yarn, my blog about my knitting experiences as I work my way through my growing yarn stash and the people I meet and places I go along the way.

When I recently moved to Northern California near Lake Tahoe, I came face to face with the reality of my yarn stash or SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy). In the Bay Area where we lived, my job required having a temperature controlled storage unit for my samples. Only problem was that I had very few samples, so what to do with this great space? Hmm...
My ""yarn collection" rested comfortably next to units filled with wine collections and conveniently out of sight. Now I have my own room - a "craft room" and I find myself surrounded
by boxes and plastic bins filled with yarn that I have collected over the years. The ghosts of Stitches past, as it were. I'm presently not working so I have plenty of time to organize my stash and get rid of all that yarn I no longer want - easy, huh? Not so easy! Hence the yarn blog - a way to keep track of my knitting progress and projects as I work my way through all that yarn!