Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Stitches West

More photos from Stitches West and then a few projects that I am working on:


    Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls podcast holding a Meet and Greet a the Purlesence Yarns booth.  Their fans were lined up around the booth.  


Dr. Gemma who also has a popular podcast called CogKnitive  was wearing a pretty shawl by Michelle Miller called The Tehachapi Project .

So much yarn displayed beautifully including this Kauni yarn:


   A friend's Catkin shawl made with Madeline Tosh light:




The Autumn Fusion Shawl  by Brigitte Elliott  for Swing Knits.  I loved this and bought the kit to make it in the colors they used, Cascade Tangier with Cascade 220 as the complimentary yarn:


So many interesting possibilities with this project using variegated yarns such as Zauberball.

And here is what I am up to:


  A baby hat called Everyone's Hat because the sizing goes up to adults.

Another baby hat from Purl Soho called  The Garter Ear Flap hat for next winter. Haven't started this one yet:


And now it's on to Tami's blog to see what my fellow knitters are up to.




Sunday, February 23, 2014

A View of Stitches West

Another great weekend at Stitches West at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  As usual, way too much to see, touch and visually absorb; you could actually just stand outside the entrance to the center and watch the fashion show that was going on there:


       This woman was walking in front of me and was kind enough to let me take a picture of her fabulous dress called The Swing Dress.   She probably told me what yarn she used but I can't remember as I was too busy looking at the her beautiful knit work.

What follows are some random pictures I took, working my way through the thousands of people who were there.  I'll start with the Knitters Booth and go from there:



        The Yarn Over truck was there from Southern Cal:


Stopped at Miss Babs and saw this really striking Cameo shawlette:


Thought about buying the yarn there, but when I saw the long line, I decided to try another vendor and I'm glad I waited because I stopped by The Plucky Knitter and look what I found in a big basket marked One Hit Wonders:


A merino fingering weight yarn with a little bit of cashmere and it is so soft!  I stopped by here on Friday and I heard from a number of people that this booth was insanely busy Thursday night.  Lines around the next row of vendors!  This is a very popular vendor and their yarn is really lovely.


The Leftie shawlette was everywhere.  This is a sample I saw at the Miss Babs booth.  Here are a few more examples:


Rachael Herron was there to promote her books.  Her latest, Pack Up The Moon will be released in March.


So much more to talk about but I am running out of time for now.  More photos later.  Goodbye from California where it was in the 70's on Friday and I was way overdressed in my wool sweater at Stitches.  Those of you back East, send us some of that snow - we need the water!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trying My Hand at Quilting

We had a rainy day while in Hawaii which can actually be a good thing - time to read, go to the spa and use the eucalyptus sauna (so nice!) and drop by the Cultural Center where they offer drop in classes on beading, learning to play the ukulele and a chance to try my hand at sewing a Hawaiian quilt square.


The quilt on the back of the bench is in the process of being sewn by our quilting instructor.  All of this is done by hand - no sewing machines!  She takes her time and said it would be take about 4 years for her to finish this king sized quilt.

Here is the block I am working on:



 One finished sock and working on the second!  Watching the Super Bowl  - we were rooting for the Broncos - oy vey!


Found a nice boot topper project to use up some of my stash yarn.  It's the Wavy Cable Boot Topper pattern by Robin Nickerson and it's a free pattern on Ravelry:


Here is the yarn I am going to use.  The color is actually a little darker than shown here and I think it will look nice with brown boots:


One more picture of those cute turtles and have a good week everybody!  Check out what others are working on at Tamis blog.