Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Stitches West

More photos from Stitches West and then a few projects that I am working on:


    Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls podcast holding a Meet and Greet a the Purlesence Yarns booth.  Their fans were lined up around the booth.  


Dr. Gemma who also has a popular podcast called CogKnitive  was wearing a pretty shawl by Michelle Miller called The Tehachapi Project .

So much yarn displayed beautifully including this Kauni yarn:


   A friend's Catkin shawl made with Madeline Tosh light:




The Autumn Fusion Shawl  by Brigitte Elliott  for Swing Knits.  I loved this and bought the kit to make it in the colors they used, Cascade Tangier with Cascade 220 as the complimentary yarn:


So many interesting possibilities with this project using variegated yarns such as Zauberball.

And here is what I am up to:


  A baby hat called Everyone's Hat because the sizing goes up to adults.

Another baby hat from Purl Soho called  The Garter Ear Flap hat for next winter. Haven't started this one yet:


And now it's on to Tami's blog to see what my fellow knitters are up to.





  1. Your friend's catkin is gorgeous and that little hat will be so cute when it's done! I am so jealous about Stitches West!

  2. Ooh, I envy the Stitches trip! Haven't been in 3 years, and the last one was South. Never even been to the West one, which I am sure I would LOVE!!! Cute hats. I have the Soho one marked to make. Just need to find a baby for it. LOL