Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trying My Hand at Quilting

We had a rainy day while in Hawaii which can actually be a good thing - time to read, go to the spa and use the eucalyptus sauna (so nice!) and drop by the Cultural Center where they offer drop in classes on beading, learning to play the ukulele and a chance to try my hand at sewing a Hawaiian quilt square.


The quilt on the back of the bench is in the process of being sewn by our quilting instructor.  All of this is done by hand - no sewing machines!  She takes her time and said it would be take about 4 years for her to finish this king sized quilt.

Here is the block I am working on:



 One finished sock and working on the second!  Watching the Super Bowl  - we were rooting for the Broncos - oy vey!


Found a nice boot topper project to use up some of my stash yarn.  It's the Wavy Cable Boot Topper pattern by Robin Nickerson and it's a free pattern on Ravelry:


Here is the yarn I am going to use.  The color is actually a little darker than shown here and I think it will look nice with brown boots:


One more picture of those cute turtles and have a good week everybody!  Check out what others are working on at Tamis blog.



  1. :-D Love the Turtles! -- That's the "salt & pepper" sand from around Kona, isn't? -- ah! *REAL* Quilting!!

  2. That is fabulous sock yarn! What a great pair of socks that will be.

  3. Love the socks. Tried the Hawaiian quilting before. Very tedious! Not for me.

  4. Oh so jealous of the sunshine and warmth in Hawaii. Even though it was a rainy day sounds like you made the most of it. Love that quilt and checking out the boot toppers now.

  5. Wow, a Eucalyptus sauna sounds pretty awesome right about now. Jealous! I'm interested to see your progress on the quilt, I really like the design. And I've made myself a pair of those very boot toppers, they are awesome - I wear them all the time! Such a great free pattern.