Sunday, February 23, 2014

A View of Stitches West

Another great weekend at Stitches West at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  As usual, way too much to see, touch and visually absorb; you could actually just stand outside the entrance to the center and watch the fashion show that was going on there:


       This woman was walking in front of me and was kind enough to let me take a picture of her fabulous dress called The Swing Dress.   She probably told me what yarn she used but I can't remember as I was too busy looking at the her beautiful knit work.

What follows are some random pictures I took, working my way through the thousands of people who were there.  I'll start with the Knitters Booth and go from there:



        The Yarn Over truck was there from Southern Cal:


Stopped at Miss Babs and saw this really striking Cameo shawlette:


Thought about buying the yarn there, but when I saw the long line, I decided to try another vendor and I'm glad I waited because I stopped by The Plucky Knitter and look what I found in a big basket marked One Hit Wonders:


A merino fingering weight yarn with a little bit of cashmere and it is so soft!  I stopped by here on Friday and I heard from a number of people that this booth was insanely busy Thursday night.  Lines around the next row of vendors!  This is a very popular vendor and their yarn is really lovely.


The Leftie shawlette was everywhere.  This is a sample I saw at the Miss Babs booth.  Here are a few more examples:


Rachael Herron was there to promote her books.  Her latest, Pack Up The Moon will be released in March.


So much more to talk about but I am running out of time for now.  More photos later.  Goodbye from California where it was in the 70's on Friday and I was way overdressed in my wool sweater at Stitches.  Those of you back East, send us some of that snow - we need the water!


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  1. i've been to Stitches Midwest, Stitches South, and Stitches camps (way back when!!!) but never to Stitches West....which i keep hearing is the best of the best!!! sure looks like it from the photos. thanks for sharing.