Friday, May 11, 2012

A Couple of Finished Projects

It's been a great week, knitting wise.  Finished my Cabled Capelet and just about done with my  Montana Cardigan; just need to finish the belt and block it:



Of course it's in the 80's this week and I won't be wearing these guys 'til next Fall, but still, there is that great feeling that comes with finishing another project and planning for the next one.

Here's a project I would like to find time for this summer.  Saw this ruffled scarf at Jimmy Beans:



It's made with Bodega from Trendsetter:


Can't  resist putting in another picture of my friend Vera's Color Whirl.  She's got a great sense of color and always seems to find accessories that go perfectly with her projects - love this shawl pin.


Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  Check out what other knitters are up to at Alison's blog.


  1. This post is filled with such lovely projects. I can tell that you love rich earthy tones, they are wonderful. Every time I see that capelet I really want to knit one of my own. Do you think that you will ever actually wear it? I ask because I usually only knit functional projects.

  2. oooh, I love how that caplet turned out. I may have to knit that. The cardi is beautiful too. I've been seeing a lot of that Trendsetter yarn. It looks like a lot of fun but I wonder how easy it is to work with.

  3. I made that Bodega scarf in two hours while working at Stitches. Here it is: If you bring the yarn to one of our meetings you probably get it done before lunch.

    Love seeing the Jimmy Dean pictures. Glad all of you made the trip there!

    1. Jimmy Dean, right! Jimmy Beans, of course.

  4. I like the cardigan quite a lot!