Monday, April 23, 2012

Cream and Sugar Cowl and a Few Other Things

Last year at Stitches West (2011, that is) I was making my way towards Alana Dakos' booth when I came across a woman wearing a really lovely version of Alana's  Cream and Sugar Cowl.  I asked if I could take a picture of her and she graciously said yes:


Her color choice is one of my favorite colors and I believe she bought the yarn at Wool Candy. That Fall I  contacted a knitting group near where I live and they urged me to join them  but due to personal issues, I ended up not having the time to join them.  Fast forward to this April and I looked them up again and made plans to meet up with them.  I took a closer look at their members and thought one looked familiar - looked through my old Stitches photos and who should pop up but knittybarb in the Cream and Sugar Cowl!  Two days later I was at 24 Hour Fitness and I noticed the woman sitting next to me looked awfully familiar - yes, it was her - we were definitely meant to meet!  We both had a good laugh about all this and I really enjoyed getting together with her group.  In addition to being a very talented knitter, Barb and her daughter also have a very popular podcast called 2 knit lit chicks that is really fun to listen to.  They seem to know everything that is going on in the knitting world in the Bay Area and they invite friends to join them to talk about their various knitting projects.  The second half of the podcast is about books and since I enjoy reading and am always on the prowl for a good book to read, I really find this part interesting.

Barb was kind enough to give me permission to show some of her wonderful projects, including her
version of Spectra which was made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn:

Here's her Wingspan made with Noro Taiyo:


Anyone looking for a cute book to read to young children and knitting related as well?  Have you seen the new book, Extra Yarn ?  A friend sent me a copy to read to my little grandson and it is really fun with lots of great photos:


It's about a young girl who finds a box of yarn and keeps knitting and knitting not only sweaters and mittens but she seems to have taken to yarnbombing in a big way:




                                                                 Have a good week everybody!





  1. That picture book looks fantastic and very adorable! Barb's work is amazing.