Friday, April 6, 2012

Playing the Tourist in NYC

Not alot of knitting going on this past week as I was in New York City for a family gathering.  Although I grew up near here, it has been awhile since I spent any time in The City and there have been alot of changes going on and as Martha would say "It's a Good Thing".  The whole trip was a delight and it was fun visiting and experiencing this nicer, gentrified New York.  Of course, some things don't change and it is always the highlight of any trip to New York to see this:


The High Line is an old elevated rail track that runs through New York.  It was about to be torn down as an ugly eyesore when some of the local residents saw the potential for an elevated garden and walking path through the neighborhood, similar to one in Paris.  With Mayor Bloomberg's support, they saved the High Line and the walkway has become a huge success with lovely gardens, a constant stream of visitors and it's now a "must see" on any visitor's trip to the city.



Our hotel was the Marriott at Battery Park.  We asked if we were near The World Trade Center when we booked the room and they said yes, but didn't tell us how close.  Here is the view as you walk out our hotel:

This is One World Trade and construction goes on here 7 days a week and late into the night.  Amazingly, it was very quiet in the hotel and this turned out to be a very convenient spot for visiting lots of spots like the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and the South Street Seaport.  Here is the Memorial Garden that is now open to the public:



Here's the South Street Seaport near the Brooklyn Bridge:


Oh yes, and I finished my husband's socks, which really came in handy on this trip.  As you can see the weather was very overcast and cold but we were thankful the rain held off.  Here's the socks:


Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  Going over to Andrea's blog to see what other fiber folks have been up to.


  1. This looks like a fantastic trip!

    I didn't realize they were re-building a(?) Trade Center building. I guess I thought the whole space was going to be a memorial.

  2. What a fun trip!! I'm glad that you got to see so much. Thanks for sharing the photos, too!

  3. I've never been to New York. Your photos are beautiful.

    Love the socks!

  4. Oh yes I do need to make it to New York some day!

  5. Those look like perfect fitting socks.
    I lived in NYC from birth to 6 yrs. old. Sometimes.. I still think of it as Home. Glad you had a good trip.

  6. I live a few hours from New York City, but rarely get to visit---I did get to see the High Line on my last trip there, though, and thought it was just amazing! Also amazing: those socks! The stripes are grrrrr-eat. (...why did Tony the Tiger just pop into my head? I don't know.)

  7. Great stripeys. Haven't ever been to NYC...maybe someday.

  8. I'd LOVE to see NYC - lucky thing!
    Your socks are fab - love the colours :)
    P.S. that afghan in your other post is gorgeous...if you ever find a knitted version...let me know?! ;)

  9. Lovely socks ... thanks for the Memorial pictures.