Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Those Stephen West Shawls!

I'm not much of a lace knitter, and so shawls are not really my thing. Whenever I see someone wearing one of those beautiful, intricate,  lacy shawls,  such as this one, I admire the work that went into them and think, not for me:


   Enter Stephen West with his fabulous designs.  It seems everyone is knitting a Stephen West shawl and they all look quite happy to be doing so; they look like quick projects that don't require alot of concentration or spending time ripping out mistakes made in a lace knitted shawl.   Here are a few examples of what I have seen at various knitting meet ups:

This is the very popular Daybreak and I have seen a number of versions of this:


My friend Sue was working on the Little Colonnade last week:

 See how happy she is?  An attractive shawl with no tearing out trauma!


Love this one in blue:

Here's the Earth and Sky shawlette done by noliegirl who was showing us a couple of Stephen West projects at Green Planet Yarn in Campbell.   She did this in Madelinetosh sock yarn. Take the time to check out her Ravelry projects page;  she has done some really beautiful work with alot of interesting shawls.

Here is Stephen West's Spectra that she was working on using Kureyon sock yarn: 


I've picked out two Stephen West projects for myself; the Bandwith hat that I'm going to do in Madelinetosh Vintage  and Earth and Sky similar to this one.  Kind of reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

        Off to finish what I've got on my needles now!                                                                              


  1. I agree that the last shawl is Frank Lloyd Wright-esque. That certainly moves it up on my list. :-)

  2. I adore the Earth and Sky.

    I have a Daybreak I bartered for because I had issues with the M1L M1R but I have knitted a couple of Bandwidth hats and have a few of his other patterns in queue.

    Yes, he has style.

  3. I, too, am on a Stephen West binge. I wear the Clockwork that I finished last month at least twice a week. I am almost halfway through a Spectra knit in KnitPicks Chroma and Stroll. I just cast on a Daybreak in Cascade Heritage and Taiyo Sock, and have been stash diving thinking of what else of his I might make.

  4. Great pics as always! BTW, what Yarn Store is that? I'm getting YARN-envy!

    1. It's Green Planet Yarn in Campbell, Ca. Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. It does seem like there is a Stephen West shawl every time I look around! Love the geometric lines on Earth and Sky.