Friday, June 3, 2011

Shop Hopping

The Sacramento/Sierra yarn shop hop starts on June 1st and goes 'til the 5th.   There are nine stores taking part, and I may be one of the few who is brave enough to take on Donner Pass  to get to The Lake Tahoe Yarn Company to get my passport stamped.  Heck, we had 12 inches of snow on Saturday up here!  Not great weather for being outdoors, but a good excuse to check out some yarn shops:


At LTYC, I ordered a book called Selbuvotter  by Terri Shea.  Terri did a research project on the famous mitten patterns of Norway and then self published a book about her work:

Here are some projects from the book.  This one was done by knitsalot on Ravelry:

This was done by Annem on Ravelry:


This  is Annemor #9 and was knit by amuotoko:



Then it was on to Meadow Farm Yarn Studio in Nevada City:

Nevada City is a charming little gold rush town located about 40 minutes north of highway 80 in Auburn and a trip to this shop is well worth the drive, which looks like it would be a very pretty road trip in the Fall or any other time when it isn't raining!


 Meadow Farm is a nice shop with a large inventory of yarn, lots of project samples on display and a few comfy couches and chairs to sit and knit:



           They carry yarns that you don't see in many California shops such as Classic Elite and


Here's their version of the Flower Market bag that was in an older Interweave Knits issue:


A Sally Melville men's sweater:

A shawl hanging in the window:


    I think this will be the extent of my yarn shop hopping, but I'm glad I made it to Meadow
Farm; I will definitely be back.

Did some house cleaning in my craft room and brought a bag of yarn to my friend Vivian who is yarn bombing her house.   Yarn bombing is graffitti, but in a much nicer form, where knitters choose to decorate an area with knitted pieces, such as these two done by streetcolor:


   Here are a few pictures of Vivian's house:

The knitted pieces on the left were hand dyed with Kool Aid:


Vivian with her cute little dog:


Bye Vivian!



  1. Oh that felted bag! My aunt and I bought a kit each on a shop hop -- they're both all knitted but I have to finish the embriodery before we felt and piece them. Argh!

  2. Okay. YOU definitely WIN "Most-SUMMER-Snow"! ...geez!

    Anyhoo.. LOVING Vivian's Yarn-Bombing methods of Housekeeping! :-D -- Also admiring Her Arts&Craft furniture pieces in the Background...

    Awesome MITTS, BTW!

  3. Carol, thanks for dropping off the yarn and taking the pictures! I'm usually the one behind the camera, so there are not many pictures of me and the puppy around. I love this one!

    Auntie Shan, you got a sharp eye for those furniture. Our house is Arts & Crafts style, so we found the furniture pieces to match.