Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scenes from Graduation Weekend UC Santa Barbara

Spent a wonderful weekend in Santa Barbara attending our daughter Jamie's graduation.  Our other kids, Sara and Ryan,  flew in for the weekend and so it was also a nice chance to get together as a family and visit:


Stopped by the apartment she shared with 7 other girls in the infamous Isla Vista, an area just outside of the UC that I refer to as the Island of the Lost Children - I don't think there is anyone who lives there who is over 22 years of age:

A few scenes from her apartment:





Saturday morning was the graduation ceremony for the College of Letters and Science:



                                                                   Here's our girl!!



        The Proud Family:


Jamie and her friends.  A pretty smart group; one Phi Beta Kappa and a couple of others graduated with honors, including Jamie:



  Down at the Pier in Santa Barbara:

A great weekend!


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