Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Summer!

Well, pretty close to it, and the weather has finally turned warm and sunny - all right!  Finished my Lace Shawl Collared Vest but with temperatures in the 80's I'm going to pass on modeling it.  Here's a picture from my Ravelry projects page:

And here is a picture of my vest in progress:


Got to get better at finishing these projects so I get to wear them for the appropriate season, although I could have been wearing this up to a week ago with leggings and some boots.   Speaking of having something ready for the appropriate season, I've decided to use my summer knitting time working on  projects for my grandkids so that they are ready for the Fall.  I'm working on a project for my grandson that will be ready for him for this Fall.  The pattern is called Maize from Nashua Handknits:


Here is what I'm working on.  I'm using the yarn called for, Creative Focus Superwash:


Next will be a sweater for Baby Forest:

This is from Zoe Mellor's book, Double Knits  and is done in Rowan DK cotton although I'm not sure what yarn I'm going to use yet.   Well, these two projects will probably keep me busy through my summer travels.  Here is a cute poem I saw on the Writer's Almanac site about vacation travelling.  It's called Summer Trips by Jonathan Greene.


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