Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tudor Roses

I recently bought a copy of Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses,  a revised and expanded edition of the original published in 1998.  What a beautiful book to browse through, and although I imagine most of these copies will take their place as coffee table books, there are some very interesting (and challenging) knitted designs in here.  My favorite is Anne of Cleves.  This retails for 40 dollars but you can get it for alot less on Amazon.




Here is my work in progress, the Little Wave; I have about 12 inches done and since it is knit in one piece, it is slow going for me.  Thank goodness for Audible books.  I'm listening to Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen  Oyeyemi which is an interesting story that incorporates elements of a fair tale (the stepdaughter is named Snow) into modern day events.


Have a great week and stay warm and dry!


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