Friday, March 14, 2014

Something for the Beach

Contrary to what is going on across the country, the weather here in California is getting warmer and we are expecting temperatures in the 80's this weekend.  Sorry!  Don't hate us!  I finished a sweater for my daughter which we are calling her beach sweater since it is a Drops pattern with no name, except for the design number, 127-33.  Cute and comfy.


   The yarn is Drops' Verdi in a pale pink and smokey grey/brown  color. 


A big fluffy ball consisting of wool, mohair and acrylic  that has served as a toddler's toy, a pillow and something we all like to pet from time to time.  Goodbye little furry friend!

My latest project is Gundrun Johnston's Little Wave.  I am fascinated with the construction of this sweater.  Here is the back from the Ravelry project page:


I'm going to use Quince and Co.'s  Owl in Berent's Sea:


Have a great weekend and Happy Fiber Arts Friday!



  1. Will be watching the progress on the next sweater. I love the construction!! The Beach sweater looks cozy and comfy, but I am wondering how she can even stand to have it on in 80 degree weather!!! It would be lovely here in our 30-50 degree swing weather in Indiana.

  2. So agree about Little Wave, what a lovely pattern, will have to add it to my favourites.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Lovely sweaters. Can't wait to see your progress on Little Wave. Enjoy the warm weather and send some up my way, please!