Friday, March 21, 2014

A Simple Newborn Hat

One more finished baby hat for the new baby girl that is expected any day now.  This is Ginny Sheller's Simple Newborn Hat and I saw a version of this on the always interesting  chrisknits blog:


Here is Ginny's version:


Fringe Association is a blog by Karen in Berkeley and I have been following it lately because it is so well done; the content is always interesting and she does a great job with her photos.  She recently posted from Vogue Live in Seattle and this picture of  Jared Flood's Channel Cardigan has me joining her in adding it to my must do list.


Wow! Is that gorgeous or what!  All those details - will I really hang in there and do all that?  I would like to try.

Have a great weekend and check out what others are knitting on Tamis blog.


  1. Cute baby hats. And the cardigan is just beautiful. Are you going to knit it? Let me know. Regula

    1. Not right now but it is on my list of favorites!

  2. I love your hat! It really is such a quick knit. And I do love that sweater, but don't need another sweater on my queue right now!!! Stop! LOL

  3. Oh, I do like that hat. It sort of reminds me of the hat on my blog, probably because of the curled up brim.

  4. So good to see you the other night.

    I completely agree about the Channel Cardigan . I love the detail!

  5. Such sweet baby hats, love the cardigan. Have a great weekend. X