Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Little Wave

Spring is here, well at least in California.  Here are a few photos of the flowers starting to bloom out
our back door.   First are lilacs which I love and you rarely see them in Northern California:


A lovely flowering bush of Camellias, I think:

Hoping for this kind of nice weather to come soon to the rest of the country.  We have relatives around the country and we sympathize with what you are all going through.  Here is a picture my son sent from DC where he lives.  I think this was taken last week when they had 9 inches of snow.  Enough already!


I have been spending some time working on my latest project, the Little Wave, by Gudrun Johnston.


 This is knit in one piece so it is slow going, but I am enjoying it:


There are two pockets that will be added in on the front later.  I guess I don't need those stitch markers to mark the side garter panels anymore,  but I wanted to show them off because I made them!

I hope everyone is having a good week and check out what others are knitting over at Tami's blog.                                                                               


  1. Pretty knitting, so neat and even! Need to check out the pattern.

  2. Love your pocket sweater. IT is so good to see folks flowers and spring. Here in Chicago it is very cold but at least its sunny.
    I've put out yarn strands for the birds when they are ready to start nesting…..brrrr. It is way too cold for baby birds here.
    DC looks icky too

  3. Wow! I love that sweater. Thanks for posting the link for it. It's now in my favorites!