Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend at Tahoe

What a great weekend!  Sunny weather, fresh snow, dinner with friends and lots of time for knitting!  Jim and I woke up Sunday morning to ten inches of new snow and decided to get out and snowshoe at the Tahoe Nordic Ski Center in Tahoe City.   Beautiful trails and great views of Lake Tahoe:

Here's a little stream we saw along the trail:

And here's Jim and I taking in the view:

                                                                                                                                                                       Stopped off at Lake Tahoe Yarn Company to see how folks there were doing with the Trekking KAL.
Kelly said she has about 10 people working on their socks and here is a picture of hers:



Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure and Simple came by to look at yarn for a new project of hers:

I love her children's patterns; they are mostly knit from the top down and work up so quickly!  Here is one I made for my grandson.  It's called Easy Baby Cardigan and I finished it in three days, much to the amazement of my husband and a friend who was visting.

Kelly's St. Bernard puppy was hanging out with the gals while they knit.  He is so cute and very polite - no grabbing yarn or drooling on projects.  Hmm... what's  in that bag?

Here is what he looked like last Fall and here he is now at 9 months.  How many times a day does Kelly patiently stand there while Bernard has his picture taken?

Good bye Bernard!  Hope to get back to see you real soon!


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