Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowmageddon Part II

Last winter, Washington D.C. got hit with a major storm that stopped the city and just about all  parts of government.  The Washington Post called it, "Snowmageddon" and my son, Ryan, and a few friends put together a web site called Snowmageddon that became a resource center for all things relating to the storm,   from where to find a store with snow shovels, to getting help digging out your car and everything else in between. His site was featured on the front page of The Post as being THE place to go to for help.   A few days ago, he got a call from some people in NYC and Snowmageddon NYC was born. You rock, Ryan!

Meanwhile, we have our own Snowmageddon going on here in the Truckee area;  the difference is, we are expecting it, we plan for it, and gosh darn it, we all have four wheel drive cars!!

Knitting some mittens for my daughter to take back to school at UC Santa Barbara - yes, it actually gets cold and damp down there near the ocean!  This is called Cruiser by Cailyn Meyer and I saw this pattern on Ravelry:

                                                                                                                                                                          Here is a picture of the socks I finished for her:

Love Gail Callahan's hand dyed yarn !  She's known as the Kangaroo Dyer and her sock yarns are really nice to work with.

Stay warm and dry everyone!



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