Sunday, December 12, 2010

No, But I Wish I Had

It's looking more like Seattle than Lake Tahoe around here.  Misty, rainy days offer a good excuse to stay in and knit and catch up on my Netflix movies. Watched Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame.  Now I know why the girls are crazy about him; not only very handsome but a very good actor.  I would recommend this to my  friends;  it is very touching.

I ventured out to buy a new winter hat and stopped at this great outdoor clothing shop next to Safeway in Truckee. Saw this neat earflap hat and bought it as part of my current effort to update my look during  ski season.    Next is getting rid of my eight year old ski jacket.                                                                                              

It's handknit in Nepal of Recycled Silk and I just love the colors, especially chartreuse!  Why didn't I find time to knit something like this? 


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