Friday, January 7, 2011

A Malabrigo Knitter's Best Friend

Happy New Year everyone!  Here's to keeping our knitting resolutions - I for one really want to complete all the projects I currently have on my needles.  It really does make you feel good when you finish something and can clean up all the remains of that project and move on! Speaking of finished projects - here is a picture of the mittens I made for my daughter.  The pattern is Cruiser and it is fast and a great project for stash yarn:

A few years ago I got a Brookstone fabric shaver from my daughter for Christmas for all those sweaters with pills on them.  What a great gift for a knitter!  It works really well and your tired sweaters take on a new life.  Wish I could include a before and after picture, but they just didn't come out right, but trust me - this fabric shaver works like a dream!  For all those Malabrigo knitters complaining of major pilling problems, this is the gadget for you!  Come to think of it, Malabrigo should just be selling these on their web site!  My kids spent part of the holidays cleaning up their sweaters - they got a big kick out of it.


This weekend is the South Bay Knitters Annual Retreat held at The Quaker Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.  This retreat has been held the first weekend after New Year's for a number of years and it is alot of fun to attend. Both knitters and spinners come and there are alot of talented people there.  Will post pictures when I get back.

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