Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Trip To Harvey Sheep Ranch

There is a great little yarn store in Truckee, California called Lake Tahoe Yarn Company and I have gotten to be friends with the owner, Kelley, and a number of the other knitters who hang out there.  Kelley has lived in this area for years and seems to know just about everyone involved with knitting, weaving and spinning.  A few weeks ago, I got the chance to join her and a few others for a trip to Anna Harvey's sheep ranch in Calpine.

Anna raises Romney, Salish and Rambouillet sheep and this was the weekend they were shearing many of the sheep.  Anna sells her fleece right on the spot, if you are interested, and after looking over the prospects, Kelly singled out a few sheep and waited for them to be sheared. 

It was interesting to watch the whole process, as Anna and her helpers (including her young daughter)gathered up the fleece, spread it out on a
wool table and skirted it, removing the unwanted debris.  They then folded the fleece and rolled it up into a plastic bag for Kelley to take home.

 I have been working on some socks for my husband with the Briar Rose yarn I got at Rhinebeck.  Being a newbie at Rhinebeck, I arrived early on Saturday morning, and was overwhelmed with all there was to see. There was much talk on the Ravelry Rhinebeck group site about booths that had to be visited and I  decided to follow the crowd that was heading to a booth that was way too small for the mob that was descending on it first thing on Opening Day,  Briar Rose Yarns. Their beautiful handpainted yarn was flying out of their booth as fast as they could put it out on the shelves, and I was determined to get my hands on some of their yarn, one way or the other.  I found  some of their sock weight sports yarn called "Grandma's Blessing" and, what do you know?  I found the pattern that went with their sock sample! It was Anne Hanson's Roger and I thought it would make a great pair of socks for my husband.  My ambitious plan is to have these finished in the next 2 weeks while I am out in Denver helping my daughter with our new grandson.  Lots of great yarn shops there and I hope to have time to visit a few of them.....

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