Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No, But I Could Have

"Did you make your sweater?"  No, is my reply, but I could have!                                                                       When I shop for sweaters for myself, I am invariably drawn to beautiful sweaters that look handknit or have actually been handknit by others in some far off country.  I think of the work that went into making these sweaters and how little the knitters get paid for the time they put into these projects.  I bought this sweater in a shop called, Boulder World, in Boulder, Colorado.  It is run by a family from Nepal and they sell real handknit sweaters, hats, mittens   and other craft items from their country.  Boy, was it hard to make a decision - I could have bought all of them!  If you are a knitter and find yourself in Boulder one of these days, plan to make a stop at this shop to admire the work of the knitters from Nepal. I doubt you will leave without buying some of their handiwork.

Saw this version of the Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting at The Lamb Shoppe in Denver and I am making it as a birthday present for my daughter.  This version uses Cotton Fleece and is a great project to carry along as it involves a lot of mindless knitting, good for when you are watching TV or are just feeling slightly brain dead.

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