Friday, April 16, 2010

Knitting In Denver

I just came back from a trip to Denver where I spent a few weeks with my daughter and her family preparing for the arrival of our newest grandchild. I love visiting Denver; the layout of the city is visitor friendly and there are alot of interesting neighborhoods to visit with great yarn shops in many of them.  Our first stop is always at The Lamb Shoppe in Congress Park, one of the most popular shops in Denver.  Mary Carol Jehn and Anita Meyer are the owners, and they have done a great job of setting up a beautiful shop with a very extensive selection of yarns and patterns.  They also have a coffee bar and make great lattes and cappuccinos!

While we were there, we ran into Mai Wyn Schantz, the designer of the bobbled capelet I made for my daughter, who just happened to be wearing it!  What a blog picture moment!  This capelet was a fun project and knit up very quickly using Cascade Soft Spun, a bulky yarn that was doubled using size 11 needles.

Here's another picture of Mai Wyn's Cabled Capelet.

More about my Denver yarn crawl later, but here is a picture of Forest Edwin  in his Mock Cable baby hat!

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