Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stitches West

Another great Stitches weekend.   Didn't take any classes, but spent a couple of days in the market,  which seems to get bigger every year with even nicer yarns and other stuff you can't resist.   Here are some of my photos starting with one of the most popular booths, Miss Babs with her wonderful hand dyed yarns.  These are three skeins combined for the Color Affection shawl which was everywhere at Stitches.



Here's a Color Affection displayed in their booth:



Another popular project, the Leftie Shawl, was seen in alot of the booths:


Jocelyn at the Handwerks booth was demonstrating her sock knitting machine:

 A skein of merino cashmere yarn I bought at the Handwerks booth:


Some knitted hats:


 A gorgeous Koigu jacket:


The Opal sock yarn folks were selling machine knitted socks and I bought a couple:


The Yarniacs at a meet up with designer Elizabeth Doherty:


Elizabeth is wearing her Meris cardigan that I am knitting for the KAL:

Love this scarf from Shelridge Farms called The Petal Scarf and bought the kit to make one for myself.



  1. I was with Carol and learned so much from her. Knitters are so congenial. It was a fun two days. Hope I can fit all my purchases in my suitcase.

  2. Hey that's me! You had fun at the market. Queuing Meris and checking out your Yarniacs.

  3. Knitwear everywhere! There some rather handsome shawls in these photos in particular. How wonderful it is that you were able to meet a designer and connect with so many other knitters!

  4. I'm going to have to put Stitches on my To Do list.