Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skiing At Squaw Valley

Cross country skiing at Squaw Valley this past weekend and what a wonderful weekend it was.  The locals don't complain about blizzard conditions and snow piling up around them because when the weather clears and the sun comes out they are surrounded by a view like this one at Squaw:

Honest, that's what the sky looked like - so incredibly clear and blue.  No smog around here!  Took these pictures with my iPhone and I am always amazed at how well this camera works.

Sled dog rides are very popular and were sold out for whole day.  These guys are lean and filled with endless energy - they want to run!


Speaking of endless amounts of energy, we also went snowshoeing in the Euer Valley at Tahoe Donner.  Snowshoeing is great because even a novice cross country skier can climb up the Black Diamond trails and get to admire the views from up there:


Here's my progress on my two current projects.  My husband's sweater with the slipped stitch detailing:


and my Meris cardigan:

    This is a nice pattern, although I don't think I will every get to the point where I can knit the lace panel without looking at the directions.  Quince and Co's  Finch is a really nice yarn to work with and there are so many colors to choose from; I can definitely see another project in my future with this yarn.

Check out what others are working on at Tami's blog; there's lots of inspiration over there!



  1. I can't wait to see what your husband's sweater looks like finished. very classic.
    Your lace on the cardigan looks stellar!

  2. The sweater looks lovely!

    Here's my WIP:

  3. Wish I could be up in Tahoe, it looks gorgeous!!

  4. The sweater looks great. I love the color. I love the lace pattern on your cardi. Its so pretty. Glad you had fun on your trip

  5. Oh gosh, don't try to memorize a lace pattern! Recipe for disaster!

    I really like that yarn on the red sweater ... it looks very tweedy and warm.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! What yarn are you using for the red sweater? It's very pretty!

  7. No, I haven't read Wild but now have it on my list to read. I'm totally envious, love snow, which we don't get too much of in Arkansas. Totally agree with iPhone photos, it's the only camera I use! Thanks for the comment!

  8. That's a beautiful view. Fresh snow, mountains and a bright, blue sky is just about my favorite combination. :-)