Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few Designers I Follow

All this rain has kept me housebound with a good excuse to do a lot of knitting and web browsing.  Here's my latest Quarters Cap with my new knitting bag in my favorite colors:

There are so many wonderful designers out there, many with interesting and creative web sites, that I have decided to make a list of my current favorites on this blog so that I can keep track of what they are up to.  Here are some of them:

  Kirsten Kapur has a nice web site with lots of hats, mittens and shawls.  Anne Hanson is probably on a lot of lists; her designs are beautiful and her patterns are always well done.  Knititude is Angela Hahn's site.  I like her  summer sweaters and would like to make the  Sorelle Lace-Edged Pullover  for myself.  There's a California designer by the name of Alana  Dakos with a site called, Never Not Knitting, and I stopped by her very busy booth at Stitches. Her designs are really attractive and she has a nice line of children's designs and her patterns have to be the most beautifully designed that I have ever seen. I happened to meet a woman wearing her Cream and Sugar Cowl made with yarn from Wool Candy:


  My plan is keep updating my list as I come across new designers.  Anyone know of a designer that I should know about?                                                                                 

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