Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Knitting Retreat

This past weekend was the annual knitting retreat for our group and this year we met in San Juan Bautista at the St. Francis Retreat Center:


Thirty eight women showed up for a weekend of knitting, massages, yarn swapping and lots of stories and laughs with wine and good food included


The weather was great!  Warm and sunny and many of us actually put down our knitting and went for a walk through the beautiful grounds around the retreat center (sorry East Coast and just about all of the rest of the country - don't hate us because we're California!)  One of our knitters, Barbara Cordes, is a very talented photographer  and she took the following pictures:




We had a mini course on making Stitch Markers which was fun.  Thanks Jocelyn!  Here are mine:


 Needless to say, there were a lot of talented knitters there and my friend KnittyBarb was there with her beautiful  Dreambird shawl.  Couldn't resist posting another picture of her wearing this!

         Spent part of the time this weekend working on a scarf for my daughter who lives in Colorado where they are having lots of snow.  I'm using a nice yarn called On Linie 97 Iceland which looks like yarn covered with snowflakes.  This is a simple mistake rib stitch  pattern.



We really enjoyed our new retreat venue;  the St. Francis Retreat Center is in an amazing location, the meals were great and we are already planning to come back next year!


  I hope the weather starts warming up around the country and that everyone finds time to knit and enjoy the time indoors with their kids who are oh so happy about days off from school in this extreme weather.


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  1. So jealous I cannot contain my envy!!!! With below freezing temps the last few weeks I yearn for something warm. But turning 53 tomorrow I also am at the stage where the ice cold winter blast actually feels good! LOL. Such a wonderful escape! May it fuel your knitting for a long while.