Friday, December 6, 2013

This Could Be Back East

The weather here in the Bay Area of California has been pretty cold this week,  I mean Back East/Midwest cold,  like 23 degrees one morning and 28 today.  People are getting out their credit cards to scrape the ice off their windshields; boy does that bring back memories!  Of course during the day it has been going up to 50 or so, but for us wimpy Californians, that's cold!  The weathermen/women here are having a field day - they are so excited to really have something to talk about!

Finished my Rascal Raccoon Pullover and I can't wait to see it on my grandson:


    That's it for now, stay warm everybody.


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  1. LOL, we are looking for a HIGH of 28 tomorrow. 10" of snow, everything cancelled. Which is fine cause I get to stay home and KNIT!!!

  2. I'll trade you. Tomorrow they're forecasting -20 to -25°F wind chills - at least for the early morning. I'm used to Wisconsin winters, but cold snaps like this usually don't happen until Jan or Feb.
    Very cute raccoon sweater!

  3. Right now, my basement bedroom is a cozy 58F! And outside, the windchill is around 17F [it's just before midnight] -- It's suppose to be that tomorrow during the day... Meanwhile, I checked on my Brother's temps in Edmonton [I'm in Ottawa] - They've got -35F windchills at the moment! -- yeah, the Cold does seem to be a few weeks early this season...

    BTW, the SWEATER looks FAB!!

  4. Sweater is absolutely adorable. Love the beanie on the car, too.

  5. The raccoon sweater is so, so, so cute. You did an amazing job!

  6. Cute sweater, well, all Rascals are cute!