Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Knitting in Maine

One last post about my two week trip though parts of New York and New England.  What a great trip: visiting with family and friends, getting to see the countryside in spring and, of course, visiting a few yarn shops along the way.  My last stop was in Maine and I made a point of stopping at the Saco River Yarn shop in Biddeford.  This shop is located in a huge old brick factory building, the kind you see scattered all over New England, usually located in the heart of a small town.  The factories, which were built in the 1870's,  have stood empty for years.  The Saco River Dye House has moved in, along with Quince and Co. and Saco River Yarns.


Here is a picture of the old factory floor:

And here is Lisa in her shop.  They are still getting more inventory, but they have all the Quince and Co's yarns and colors and it was nice to be able to see all the colors there.  As the sign over her head says, "Good Things Take Time".  If you are interested in tours of the dyeing process at the dye house, give them a call to find out their schedule.


Quince and Co's order entry department:

I bought some Chickadee in the color Bird's Egg:

The Piper's Journey shawl was made with Chickadee:

There's more to tell about my trip but I'm running out of time so I guess this won't be my last post on knitting in Maine.  Here is my Irish Coffee - only a few more inches to go and then the ribbing and then I pick up the sleeve stitches.


Head over to Tami's blog to see what others are working on.


  1. Drat! That's almost 4 hours from where we are staying in June. Oh well, good thing I can find other shops closer to Corea.

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit. Your yarn will make a lovely Piper's Journey. I love this pattern. And your sweater looks terrific. Thanks for visiting me today.

  3. That's Bird's Egg business looks lovely! Can't wait to see what it becomes...and the Irish Coffee is looking delicious!

  4. Thanks for sharing - color me jealous!!

  5. I love reading about your trip, I'm traveling vicariously through you!

  6. love that color!!! what a fun time you had.....wish I was there, too!

  7. I have to check that place out someday!

  8. It already looks so comfortable and creative for just having moved in, to think of all of the magical dyeing experiments that will happen there! Isn't upstate New York gorgeous? I'm so glad you are having such a great trip and I am impressed that you are still able to make so much progress on knits despite the travel.

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