Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too Cute for Words

Like many of us, I have been busy making my house look too cute for words for Christmas.  Here's a picture of our fireplace with some of the stockings I have knit over the years:


And here are the mini Christmas stockings I have been knitting:


They are knit flat and those two bumps on either side are the heels:


This is from the pattern that Julie Williams so generously offers for free on her website Little Cotton Rabbits.   I think I've done enough red ones; now on to a few other colors.

Speaking of things that are too dang cute, what about this knitted chicken doorstop.  I have just got to make this:


 This is from Lucinda Guy's new book,  Northern Knits Gifts  and there are some other really nice projects in there, all relating to Scandinavian folk designs.  Lucinda was kind enough to let me post this and here is a picture of her book:

This is available as an eBook as well as paperback.

One more cute thing:  bought this necklace at a craft fair several years ago, and I always get lots of compliments:


Now to head out for more Christmas shopping!



  1. You have got the spirit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the mini stockings!!!! I need to do some for my Christmas tree. I also love Lucinda Guy's things. Just wish my kids had still been little when I discovered her stuff.

  3. I love your knitted stockings hung along the fireplace, particularly the one with the little house.

  4. You're making me feel all Christmassy! Great stockings and that chicken is too cute for words.

  5. I love that doorstop!

    I have a perpetual item on my Christmas List for an Unusual Doorstop. Yours certainly qualifies. :-)

  6. Your stockings are beautiful! I struggle with socks so can't imagine knitting the big stockings...especially with colorwork.

    Yes, that doorstop is a must!

  7. Oh, your stockings are beautiful! I hope to knit some as lovely some day. Also, that chicken doorstop is fab! I would knit it if I could be certain I could keep my dogs from playing with it. :-D