Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few FO's

The weather around here is cold and damp (okay, cold for California - 60 degrees!) and my Chalice Pullover was finished in time for me to wear in braving the elements here:


                                                              Very warm and cozy!

This is the Alexandra swing coat by designer Jenny Watson.  This was done with Araucania's Azapa which is Alpaca, merino and silk.  So soft and warm and finished in time for winter weather!  Somehow in taking these pictures, the color got intensified; the coat is actually a  paler color.



Happy Fiber Arts Friday everybody!


  1. I love your Challis Pullover! It looks like it would be the perfect ski lodge sweater.

  2. Lovely sweaters! The swing coat is gorgeous.

  3. 2 sweaters done for the same post!?! Impressed.

    I love that first one. :-)