Friday, May 20, 2011

No, and I'm Glad I Didn't

As a knitter, I long ago faced the reality that there was no way I could knit all the projects I have dreamed of.  You have to make choices - sweaters for your kids and grandchildren or a great looking new afghan (with pillows to match) for your couch for all to see.  Thank god for Macy's and Martha Stewart who helped me solve this dilemma.  I've had my eye on a beautiful afghan from Martha Stewart for a couple of months now, and when it went on sale I had to get it.  If there is any hesitation on the part of the consumer,  Macy's takes care of that with their additional discounts, one day sales, super weekend sales, etc.   After years of shopping there, my brain has been trained to quickly calculate the additional 20%  and 40%  discounts  off the sale price - how could I resist?  And besides, would I really ever get around to making this?  Do I really want to spend the time doing all this knitting when this store bought version looks handknit?  Better get the pillows too - they are practically giving them away!  Thanks Macy's!



While I'm at it, why spend the time knitting a summer lace sweater that probably won't be done 'til Fall when I can get this on sale too?  This is actually a pretty pale peach color:


Here is the update on my shawl collared vest.  I survived the lace section with its short rows and decreases:


   Working on the shawl collar and then it will be done!



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  1. I'm on the Same WebPage with You, GF! Especially, if the Item is of natural fiber yarn! It's a much cheaper way to go with material & Time Costs. Not to mention, way less tragic if the Item gets damaged. And, if it does, You can always "recycle"! :-D

    BTW, They ALL look great!