Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Trip to Sacramento

One of my knitting buddies, Cris,  moved to Sacramento a few months ago,  and a couple of us decided to take a trip to visit her.  And yes, stop at a few yarn and bead shops along the way.  Cris and David have been renovating their home and they showed us around.  Here's the dining room with their new lights:


A view of their backyard, still in progress:

David is a musician and created a wonderful Performance Center where he plays piano:


    Cris and David seem pretty pleased with how it all worked out:




 Headed off to Rocklin to a great yarn shop called Filati:


           A few of the samples we saw there:

A sweater from Noro called Isabella made with Noro sock yarn.

From Berocco and I didn't get the name...   I think this is the Gaia shawl made with Noro yarn;


Fae and Vera at Filati's:

This is me checking out the samples at Filati's:

                                                                                                                                                                      After lunch at a Mercedes Benz dealer across the street (yes, a Mercedes dealer!), we headed off to Babetta's Yarns in Fair Oaks.



Here's Fae with a few skeins of Zauberball for a possible Citron shawl?

At this point we were ready to call it a day, even though there were plenty of other shops to visit; we'll save them for another day.


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