Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Random Things

First of all, congratulations to our friends Chris and Lindsay for running (and finishing) the Boston Marathon!  What an accomplishment!  The Marathon took place on April 18th, which is also Chris' 50th birthday and he and his daughter Lindsay, who goes to Tufts, have been training for this for months.


Here's a picture of my grandaughter Maeve in the sweater I knit her a few months ago:


It's nice to have family members to model for you.  Here's Jamie in one of my Quarters caps:

Here's my progress on my Long Lace Shawl Collared Vest.  Short rows and lace knitting are a bit challenging, but I am making my way through it.  Got to get off this green kick and on to other colors!



And, of course, I have to include another snow scene.  This is my neighbor Ivan raking snow off his roof.  Notice how close he is standing to the roof thanks to the huge snow banks next to our houses.  I may be posting snow pictures for quite awhile!  We are taking bets on when the snow will be gone; I'm guessing early July by the time it is all gone.

And it's on to Easter preparations!



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