Monday, May 10, 2010

And It's Still Snowing

When you live at high altitudes near alot of ski resorts, you can expect lots of snow in Winter and for it to hang around well into Spring. This year has been exceptional, with snow falling  almost every week (and still going!) and the guys who trek out to measure the snowpack have recorded it at 143% of normal.  Dressing fashionably up here has its challenges but it's also a great opportunity to get lots of use out of your handknit sweaters, mittens, scarves and socks. Here's a picture of my new high fashion footwear for Spring - pink Crocs!  Not only are they super comfy, but my handknitted socks fit comfortably into them.

 Did I knit these socks?  No, but I..... well, you know.

Here is something I did knit, a sweater from a kit that I bought at Stitches many years ago.  It's called A Day On The Slopes and it's from Knit One Crochet Too.  Anyone for snowshoeing?


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