Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red Rocks

Not too much knitting going on lately as I have been out and about visiting some of our beautiful natural wonders.  First, a short trip to Red Rocks in Colorado:


These pictures won't do this area justice, it is really spectacular and also home to a red rock amphitheater that has been hosting big name musical groups for years.  The Beatles were here in 1964 and I wonder what they thought of this place:


When there are no performances scheduled, the amphitheater is open to the public and becomes a giant 
gym with people running up and down the seating area, kickboxing and jump roping on the stage amongst other things.  So much fun!  Our grandchildren loved it and the two older ones ran up and down the seats twice!  It's a kick to be on the stage imagining the performers there and the crowds looking down on you/them.

There are some nice easy hikes around here and I could have taken pictures all afternoon:


Well, you can see it's worth a visit, and since they say it is only 10 miles from Denver (it took us about half an hour) it's an easy trip if you find yourself visiting Denver.

More about my other adventures in my next post, for now here is my progress on my Little Wave sweater:


The sleeves get joined as you start the yoke shaping.  Here's a picture of the finished sweater on the Little Wave Ravelry page:



More about my travels later!  Check out Tami's blog for more interesting knitting projects.


  1. Oh wow, we actually are planning to visit Denver (among other places) on a road trip next year. New destination added!

  2. I love Red Rocks. I was out there right before U2 performed there, Drats!

  3. I love Red Rocks. It's often on the destination list for our visitors... My nephew had his prom photos taken there last weekend.

    I love your sweater too.