Friday, June 14, 2013

A Few New Projects

This past week I have started two new projects and I'm so pleased with my progress; one is already finished!  It's the Sanibel Cowl that I have been working on for a KAL with the group East Coast Knitters and I have to say this is my type of KAL - I'm actually finished before the June 30th deadline!
In fact, this was so easy, I may make another one.


I made this with yarn from my stash, which is always a good thing.  It's  Bamboo Ewe from Stitch Nation and is 55% bamboo and 45% merino wool.  I'm not one who does alot of knitting with cotton or linen, but I wish I had some right now to start a second one that would work well for summer nights.  Will head off to my LYS to see what they might have.

I'm also working on the Montague Vest by Melissa LaBarre using more yarn from my stash and this time without a label, although I'm thinking this is vintage Tess' Yarns from way back:


This is a bulky yarn and it didn't take long to knit up this little bit.  This should work up pretty quickly and I have been listening to Colin Firth narrate The End of the Affair on so it's been a most pleasant experience.

Here's a picture of the vest from the Ravelry project page:


That's about it for now.  Hope you all have a great sunny, warm weekend and check out Tami's blog to see what others are working on.


  1. Vintage Tess? I didn't know they are old enough to have vintage! The stitch pattern looks very nice.

  2. Did you say "easy"? I'm all for easy these days! Especially in the Summer when I have so many other irons in the fire. I love your cowl and want to make one. Your vest is going to be gorgeous. I love vests more than sweaters actually since I'm always rolling up my sleeves for some project.
    On the ball band washcloth (washcloths are great for Summer projects as there's a zillion different patterns for them, they're portable and lightweight and use cotton yarn) I just want to warn you it m ight as well be an afghan as there are the same amount of ends to weave in! Ahhh! And with my 2 colors I had to be careful where I wove them in but other than that it is a nice cloth. Thanks for stopping by! The day I make a sweater like your beautiful Irish one that will be the day I consider myself a "true knitter"!

  3. Your purple cowl is really pretty. lovely knitting.........and your vest is shaping nicely too!