Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Yarn Adventure in Maine

Erin of Knitting in Beantown has been posting about a new yarn shop in Maine called Saco River Yarns, also home to Saco River Dyehouse, and it has been interesting reading.   New England was once a major textile manufacturing center and, of course, all that has been gone for a long time, lost to overseas operations and less expensive manufacturing centers in the south.  Now Saco River Dyehouse has moved into an old mill area along the banks of the Saco River and is now dyeing yarn for various companies, including Quince and Company, which is also now housed in the same complex.  Here is where they are located in Biddeford, Maine:


Ok, not the most attractive location but it is evidently ideal for what they are doing and they are getting alot of support from the growing number of knitting superstars who live nearby including Pam Allen, Hannah Fetig, and  Clara Parkes.

According to Erin, they also have some great prices on Quince and Co's seconds.  Here is a picture from her blog which she allowed me to use:


  I hope this venture turns out to be a big success and I will be supporting them in my own way as it just so happens that I will be traveling to Maine the end of April.  I'm looking forward to stopping by their retail shop and perhaps getting a chance to see the dye works. Also, this is a great opportunity to see Quince and Co's yarns up close.  I purchased some of their Finch a few months back and I have been most impressed with the quality and colors of their yarn.  Will post some pictures when I get back.

For now, here is my finished Ruffled and Ruched scarf:



My thoughts are with the people of Boston who are so proud of their history and traditions, including the Boston Marathon.  I am not a religious person, but in the last two days I have taken time to stop and think about the victims and wish them the strength to get through this ordeal and that the families of those who were taken will find some comfort in the outpouring of support for them.


 Check out Tami's blog to see what others are working on.  



  1. Oooo! I'm loving those Colours!! - Wish I could be around to "help" You *SHOP*!

    My Mom's People were all Quebecers who had migrated to Massachusetts mostly almost a century ago to work in and around the Textile Industries back then. Plenty of GREAT quality goods came out of those Mills. -- They need to come BACK!

    BTW, super job on the Scarf!

  2. Your scarf is gorgeous!
    After reading what you've said about Saco River Yarns I am really interested in going! They're about 2 1/2 hours from my house:)

  3. All the yarn! Oh now I must go and buy it all, you are such a bad influence. The scarf is really knitting up quickly!

    I have also been keeping those poor families and friends in mind, I cannot even imagine the pain they must be experiencing. It makes me feel all the more lucky that my own loved ones are alright.

  4. Nice post Carol! You could have used more pix, I want knitters to know! Though, I do want to share that the seconds room is now filled with the leftovers from the previous dyehouse, and the some of Quince and Swan's and Paternans. I am not sure how long the supply will last, so be forewarned. Also, promise me you will look at the Quince yarns? Until you knit with it, there's just no describing the feel of the fiber and the shape of the stitches. If I could channel Clara, who knows a million words to describe yarns.... I wouldn't be so tongue tied.