Monday, October 22, 2012

Lilly the Pug

Meet my new friend Lilly.  She has come to stay with us here in Denver for a week while her owners are away and I am beginning to see why there are so many fans of this breed.


What a cutie!  It only took a day for us to bond and she follows me everywhere, including cuddling up on my bed at night.  She patiently sits next to me while I work on my Modular Afghan and seems to know not to mess with my knitting, even guarding it from inquisitive grandchildren when I step away for a minute:

And what a great companion she is for my grandson Forest:


Here's what I have been up to.  Finished a Misti Alpaca Ribs and Ruffles scarf.  Don't have a finished picture, but here it is in progress:


I have knit several of these, all in bulky yarn on size 13 needles.  They make great gifts and the Misti Alpaca is so soft!

Here is my progress on my Modular Aghan.  So far 35 of the 61 pieces have been completed.  My plan is to really start cranking on  this and get it done in 2 weeks to bring to my daughter in LA.


Here's to another week with beautiful Fall weather and some time to get some knitting done!




  1. Does this mean you might be adopting a little pug of your very own? They are in vogue right now so it should be fairly easy to hunt down an adorable little puppy! It is fun to get to see a update on the afghan, it is growing slowly but surely. You can definitely get it done in time!

  2. Pug and kids really go together, although for Bucky and Henry it was mostly about playing chase or throwing insult at each other. There are always nice pugs looking for home in the bay area.