Friday, June 22, 2012

Out West in Colorado

Visiting my daughter and her family in Colorado - why is this considered The West and California isn't?  Hey, we're farther west than they are!  Go figure.  I guess when people think of The West, pictures of cattle ranches and cowboys come to mind, not computers and other high tech stuff.  Sara and her family travel out to the Western Slope to spend weekends on the ranch and here is a cute photo of the girls' boots; pretty but practical:


 Not too much progress on the knitting front;  here is one of the sleeves on my sweater:


And this is what I am working on:


         Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  Check out what others are up to here.  Have a good weekend and stay cool.                              





  1. US geography, or rather the terms used, often confusing me. My husband tells me Virginia is in the South, but it's clearly in the middle of the east coast.

    Enjoy your time in Colorado!

  2. Sometimes The West is more about attitude and less about actual geography. ;-)

    Enjoy your trip and pack light... it's gonna be hot this weekend.

    If you have time, go see the Ives Saint Laurent show at the Denver Art Museum. I've heard it's amazing, but haven't been able to get down there yet myself.

  3. I'd agree with Kathryn Ray - the west is definitely about attitude and a particular state of mind. For me, additionally, it's about mountains and wide open spaces. You've got some of that in northern CA - but not necessarily the wide open spaces. :)

    Enjoy the trip - great photo, btw. And that cardi is sweet - slow and steady is good.

  4. I love those boots! I need a new pair...maybe pink should be the next color.

    That sweater will be gorgeous but when you are starting out, it must be daunting.

  5. Oh wow, I really like that sweater pattern. I really like how drapey and comfortable it looks. I cannot wait to see it finished!