Friday, February 17, 2012

The Color Orange

Well, according to Pantone, the group that determines what colors are hot each year for the fashion industry, Tangerine Orange is the color for 2012.  Oh, I am so ready for 2012!  Check out this scarf that I bought recently:


Here is my Brady Scarf that I am making with Kauni Effektgarn.  I was knitting this on a plane trip this past week and alot of people were fascinated  by the design and wanted to know how to make the holes.  It's a simple garter stitch pattern where you just decrease on one row and then cast one the same number of stitches on the next row to make the holes:


Then there's this yarn that I won at a yarn shop drawing:


This is a cotton nylon blend and is so soft, but I have no idea what to make with it.  Perhaps another scarf?
I have a feeling that my granddaughter would love a soft fuzzy sweater made from this.

Saw this Kristen Nicholas bag somewhere and I just love it.  Got to try making some of those flowers she does so well:


And now a heartbreaking story about my Sweetheart Pullover.  I finished it last week and sent it off to my granddaughter for her to wear to school on Valentine's Day.  The padded envelope arrived, but it was ripped open and the bag was empty!  There was a sticker from the Denver Post Office saying that the bag had arrived that way!  Here is a picture of the finished sweater; I filed a claim and maybe it will show up.


And in keeping with my orange theme, here's something I found on Pinterest that should help keep us all motivated to exercise:


Have a great weekend!.  Check out Andrea's blog to see what other fiber artists are up to.


  1. So sorry about the Sweetheart sweater, I hope whoever has it would at least appreciate how much work went into it.

    Maybe we'll a lot of orange at Stitches if that's the "in" color.

  2. Ohhhh, what a shame on the loss of the darling sweater. Love your Brady scarf and the awesome orange purse. I seem to be drawn to orange right now myself. Hard to believe it's the color for 2012....I'm so seldom on track with what's "in".

  3. Oh interesting... I had a package last year via Denver that arrived empty too. Only the box and the receipt. grrr.

    I'm a fan of orange as well... but I fear I may be overwhelmed with it come spring. ;-) But I'm in love with the one in the first photo. :-)

  4. For Real?!! -- I would be *BEYOND* LIVID!! I'd also wonder about the P.O. you sent IT from..? "Someone" had to have KNOWN! Personally, I ship any of my handmade stuff in boxes or TYVEK envelopes [they don't "accidently" rip open!] and LOTS of tape!!

    Your Granddaughter must be devastated! :-[

  5. Oh, what an awful shame. I would be angry and heartbroken about the sweater. I LOVE ORANGE! Love all the orange projects you are showing.

  6. That's horrible about the sweater. Here's hoping the claim goes through. That scarf is fascinating though. Love it all.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of the sweater! It was adorable, and I hope it shows up.