Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ski Sweaters

We have already had a few snowstorms in the Lake Tahoe area and it's time to get ready for ski season.   This time of year, we are all in love with the beautiful snowy landscape surrounding us; May and June, not so much:

Time to get out the ski sweaters and think about updating my sweater wardrobe, but first there's this:


 The Look. She who must not be ignored.  The Look that says, why are we still cooped up in this place when we could be out walking and enjoying this beautiful day?  Why are you still on that computer; it seems like hours since you glued yourself to that couch.  Maybe if I go and sit by the door you will get the idea:


   Ok, we are going out, but first here are a few pictures of my ski sweaters, some a little worse for wear:

One of my favorites called Snowflake Sweater made with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  I never get tired of wearing this.  Not very much pilling, which is nice.

Here is a Benetton sweater that I have had for years, and even though I don't wear it too often, I just love pulling it out and looking at this great design:


This is an actual handknit Dale sweater that my daughter found in Colorado and gave to me as a birthday present years ago.  I just love it:


This is called "A Day On The Slopes" and was a kit I bought at Stitches years ago.  It was knit in the round and then steeked for the front opening.  The directions were very well written:


  The is an old favorite called "Starry Night" that I never get tired of wearing, even though I made it with Cascade 220 and it pills alot:


For anyone who is a dog lover, I found this cute poem on Writer's Almanac called Dogs.  Have a great day!                                                                                                                                                                                    

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