Friday, January 6, 2012

Keeping Up With the Knitmore Girls

I like to listen to podcasts when I am out and about in my car.  The news is too depressing, the financial news even worse and  I can't bear listening to those talking heads shouting at each other.  I always like to check in with Jasmine and Gigi's podcast, The Knitmore Girls.   We go way back when we were all knitting at the only local shop around, The Rug and Yarn Hut in Campbell,  which has since gone out of business.  Here's Jasmine who I have known since she was a teenager.  She's now married and expecting her first baby:


They are amazingly consistent, never letting a week go by without podcasting on a range of topics from knitting, spinning, sewing and weaving.  Between the two of them they can answer just about any question on these subjects and are always currently involved with a project  for all of them.  Like all of us, many of these projects are UFO's, but here is a sample of what they have been knitting in the last month:


This is Jasmin's Sothia by Robin Ulrich and I love the ruffles which evidentally took forever but I love the look.  Jasmin is also working on the Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fetig and Gigi is working on Odelia by Julie Weisenberger:


Lots of works in progress:  the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fetig that Gigi is currently working on:

 Jasmin is expecting her baby the end of January so their podcast will be on hold for awhile but they will be at Stitches West with the new baby at the Purlesence booth so you can stop by to meet the newest Knitmore Girl. (yes, it's a girl)

The Sweetheart Pullover is knitting up quickly and I just have the sleeves to work on.  Here's the front:


This is from the AslanTrends pattern book Seasons Change.  I saw a sample of the Oblique Shawl at my favorite shop in Denver,  The Lamb Shoppe  and tried it on.  I loved the way it fit and it was so soft and warm:


   Happy Fiber arts Friday!  Check out Andrea's blog to see what fellow Fiber Artists are blogging about.



  1. The Sweetheart pullover will be perfect for Valentine's day.

  2. oooh, I love the Sothia and the Sweetheart Pullover. I have never listened to a podcast. As much as I am addicted to blogs, never a podcast...maybe it's time for me to check one out.

  3. The ruffled shawl looks so romantic. It should team with the heart pillow! Beautiful projects all!


  4. Long time reader... first time commenter and I've just realised I haven't subscribed either lol - sorry.
    I seen you on WisdomWonder's Blog List and I payed a visit :)

    The Ruffled Shawl = FO envy. I might just Bang one of those together while it's Selfish January.

    Luff from Aki

  5. Great projects, all!! I'm looking forward to the big reveals!