Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Finished Sweater

Finished my Araucania sweater from Design Book Three and these days, a finished project is really an accomplishment.  Summer flew by and I got very little knitting done; lots of friends and family visiting which was lots of fun:


Here's my sweater done in Araucania Azapa:

Azapa is 30% alpaca, 45% merino 15% silk and 10% donegal and is hand dyed in Chile.  I love this yarn; so soft  and I love the hand dyed colors.  Unfortunately, they have discontinued making Azapa!


Came across a nice web site for baby and children's sweaters.  It's called Roo Designs and I love her choice of designs; they are all so cute and the sweaters are colorful and easy to knit ensuring that you will have it finished before the child grows out of it!  Here are a few of her designs:



And here's a picture of the little guy I would like to knit one for:

Have a nice day!



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