Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Sweaters and Shawls

We now have an IPad which is so easy to carry around and I've been browsing through various knitting sites off and on through these lazy summer days.  There are some lovely patterns out there:


This is the Sorelle Laced Edged Pullover by Angela Hahn which is done in a worsted weight cotton on size 8 needles which should work up pretty quickly.  I think this would also look nice done in wool for winter.


    This is Gundrun Johnston's Soay which is shown here in the project done by scratchnsniff on Ravelry.                                        
She used Malabrigo Silky Marino and said the pattern was really well written and easy to follow.   I think these flowers are so cute!


Not sure if this really falls under the heading of Summer Sweaters, but if you spend alot of time in the Sierras, it definitely works.  This is Metro by Connie Chang Chinchio, also done in a worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles.

This is Lizette by Anne Ginger and I thought this was one of the prettiest designs in the summer issue of Twist Collective.


Came across this pattern on Knitty, their Summer 2010 issue, and my daughter wanted me to drop everything and make it for her.  Well, that didn't  happen, but since she is moving to Los Angeles I figure I still have lots of time to do this.  It's called Inamorata and the designer is Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark.  The yarn is fingering weight Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Silk Linen.


This is the Nina shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting and there are lots of knitters who have done this simple pattern in all kinds of creative colorways.  This was done by whitedaisy in Reynolds Saucy.

I love this shawl!  So light and graceful; what a great shawl to have for summer!  This is Annis by Susanna IC:


  This was done in Miss Babs Yet which is a lace weight but it is knit on size 8 and 10 needles.


This sweater from Wendy Bernard looks alot like the very popular Mr. Greenjeans.  It's called Something Red and this version was done by fanciepants


Another summer poem I came across on Writer's Almanac.  It's called Modern Love.  And now off to the lake for a swim!




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  1. I've made the Mr. Greenjeans and just love it. I just bought the Metro pattern. THANKS for sharing this. I have lots of worsted weight yarn and can't want to get all my yarn here in Fair Oaks so I can pick what I want to use for this.